Commercial PACE in the 亚特兰大市

在亚特兰大走绿色道路! Invest Atlanta helps companies make needed structural property repairs and upgrades to save energy and water through Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) financing.

A wide range of commercial property types qualify for financing including hospitality, 零售, mixed-use and multifamily buildings. Property owners can choose from hundreds of eligible building improvements, ranging from windows and doors to roofing, to solar panel arrays and HVAC units.

The Atlanta C-PACE Program utilizes an open market structure, meaning property owners are able to bring their own private financing and no taxpayer funding will be injected into the project. Property owners and developers will utilize their own financing relationships, undergoing an underwriting process tied to the respective financing sources, to deploy capital in an efficient manner. Applicants will provide all required intake documents as outlined in the program guidelines in order for their application to be considered complete.

典型传统贷款 标准C-PACE融资
Closing costs and down payment due up front Closing costs included in total financing and paid off through annual assessment payments
First loan payment due within a few weeks of closing First assessment payment not due for 3-24 months
Fixed rate for only certain period of the loan term 固定利率长达30年
Must be paid off if owner sells the property Assessment is transferred to new owner upon sale of property
Multiple years until positive cash flow is achieved Creates immediate positive cash flow
Funding availability based on business credit Funding availability based on net benefits of project
Increases debt on the balance sheet, which may negatively impact future borrowing

Does not increase debt on the balance sheet, which may positively impact future borrowing

*Disclaimer: There may be other types of financing available to property owners for making Eligible Improvements to their property and the Authority does not guarantee that the C-PACE Program is the best financing option. Property owners should obtain professional financial assistance in selecting the option most appropriate for their situation.*

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Review the program guidelines before applying.
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The Atlanta C-PACE Program is open to eligible properties within 亚特兰大市 limits. Use this link to determine whether or not your property is within city limits:




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